Maplewood Childcare Center designs a curriculum focused on providing new experiences.

Meet Individual Needs

We recognize children learn in different ways and need a variety of experiences to ensure kindergarten readiness. The children are encouraged to make choices while contributing their thoughts and ideas.  Our Warrenton, VA classroom environment is organized with an age appropriate selection of toys, books, materials, and a variety of learning centers.

Blocks arranged to spell "teach"
A globe in a child's hand.

Weekly Theme

Our staff plans daily preschool activities around our weekly theme, with a focus on specific skills to meet developmental needs.  Our open classroom layout gives our teachers and children the opportunity to bond with other classes, which promotes the sense of family throughout the center. 

Foster Creativity

Our spacious outdoor play area allows us to take advantage of the many opportunities for fun, and interactive learning.  Our goal is fostering positive growth and development.

A collection of art supplies.
A light bulb inside of a cloud.

Are we right for your student?

Contact us to schedule a tour with our Director. We’re proud of our school, and look forward to welcoming you to the Maplewood family.