Our daycare in Warrenton, VA uses six key elements to build our daily activities. 


To provide our students with a variety of learning experiences, we plan activities around a weekly theme.

Our teachers develop age appropriate lesson plans that focus on the developmental stage of their classroom. Lesson plans will include arts & crafts, books, and sensory experiences related to the weekly theme. 


Allowing children to interact with their peers gives them the opportunity to develop essential life skills.

Socializing with their peers provides children the opportunity to learn sharing and caring. Encouraging interaction with children younger than themselves allows development as a leader. 


Our expansive outdoor play area promotes creativity and imagination.

Our expansive, open concept play area is shared by all age groups. We utilize our outdoor space to allow individual expression and develop coordination. Children deserve the opportunity to have fun. 


We believe that children's development begins with a well balanced, nutritious diet.

To ensure our children have the energy they need to succeed, we provide a nutritious snack in the morning and afternoon. Our nutritious lunches are locally catered daily by Fairfax Food Service


Our center utilizes a coded access system to guarantee secure access to our building.

A unique entry code is needed to access all doors to the daycare. To ensure our children exit the building safely, they must be signed in and out daily. A list of adults approved for pickup will be maintained and monitored by the center.  


Maplewood team members are CPR and First Aid Certified.

All training is routinely reviewed between renewal dates. Training is completed on-site by the Health and Safety Institute in Warrenton, VA. Our staff is trained in all emergency procedures.